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I LOVE The Ocean(with pics)

by admin on July 17, 2013

Do you like the ocean? Because I REALLY do! I don’t really know why, it’s just a dream come true to even see fish I day dream and just dream about swimming with fish! Even if It was on TV or in a Aquarium, I still LOVE fish! It’s not just fish that I like… I like anything in the ocean and when I say anything I mean anything!!! There is just one thing I don’t like about the ocean… THE GARBAGE! There is way tooooooooooooooooooooooo much, I like the ocean and I respect it, but its not all about me its about you too you also need to help whoever you are any one can help! And we need everyone to help! How you could help, don’t worry you don’t have to pick up garbage from the ocean (but still that would help) you just have to stop this as in

1. Do NOT put you garbage in the ocean, instead put it in a garbage bin or bag.

2. Do NOT put you garbage on the ground, the weather might blow it away into the ocean or something.

3. You don’t have to but you can pick up garbage from the ocean OR on the ground, stuck or anywhere.

the reasen why I want to respect the ocean is Because… Well there is LOTS of reasons but here are some

1. Because the ocean is a part of the Earth and Earth is our home, home to 1000000000 something people, that is ALOT!!!!

2. think about how many Creatures would die from all of that garbage, if we don’t stop this now oceans would turn into a rowt same thing with lakes and stuff.

3. If our water turns into a Disgusting mess what are we Suppose to drink?

4. It also affects plants like trees, and who here likes trees? That should be everyone, Because trees give us fresh Oxygen.

And that’s just some reasons why we NEED to respect the ocean, now its Picture time!

Look, you can even see inside of it! Weird but cool!

This little fell a might be small but they are SCARY!!!!!

Oh oh, I will name this guy Mr. Sqiggles!

Hey, this one is  Transparent too but its

a LOT smaller because the other see through fish was like 6 feet long!

Its so squishy!!!!

Whats with all of the see through thingy’s!!!


This is my favorite whale and my favorite shark! Its a whale shark!

This is one of my favorites, its a balooga whale.

This one is squishy and slimy! Sea combo!

Look at the suction cups.

This is my favorite shrimp, he’s a Manta-shrimp.

Can you belize it this guy can see WAY more colors

then us humans (like drumroll please Ultraviolet) so not fair.

There soooooo CUTE!!!


This is a Christmas tree worm. They are sooo fun to play with!!

awwww! The ocean can be soo CUTE….

….And ugly REALLY ugly!!!

These creatures lived ALONG time ago!!!

Question what is he doing?

That is one ugly thingy!!!!

You can hear snorkel bugling  while a family of Pugh fish swim by.

What kind of jelly fish is that?

The ocean isn’t all about  fish!

Squid power!

Sometimes unexpected creatures can do unexpected things. Its a manta ray.

And as all of you know this is a sea horse.

When ever I see Dolphins I really want to play with them.

I have no idea what these are!

Since when did squids have teeth? Look in the back, photo bomb!

Look at the mouth.

Its beautiful!

This is a sea cucumber, they are disgusting, cool and definitely NOT to eat.

Its Turtle time!!!

Are you sure you know were your going? Notolice’s cant see.

What kind of fish is that?

Its Whale time… and I mean it!

This is what I mean by too much garbage

Thanks for reading! Ask as much questions as you want about this post!

~ Georgia Pugh

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Julie July 17, 2013 at 10:03 am

Awesome post Georgia! My kids Benen, Sarah and Liam had fun reading and talking about all the pictures. We really liked your comments. :)


Laurie July 17, 2013 at 11:45 am

This is very good information to share Georgia! A friend of mine is sailing from Vancouver to Hawaii and says he sees a lot of garbage floating by their boat. Do you know why you shouldn’t touch the coral when you are snorkeling? What is your favorite thing you have seen in the ocean? Mine is a seahorse, although I have only seen one once outside of an aquarium. I will keep watching for them! Hope you do another blog post again soon!


admin July 17, 2013 at 11:49 am

You shouldn’t touch the coral because it will die. My favourite thing I have seen in the ocean is a squid. Thanks!


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