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Bob says

The Pitch Drop Experiment

by admin on February 12, 2013

We sometimes listen to podcasts in the car. We have been spending a great deal of time on the ski hills on the weekends and podcasts are a fun way to pass the time on the drive home. This past weekend, we listened to the Radio Lab podcast about the Pitch Drop Experiment. It started out as an experiment to prove that things aren’t always as they seem, but it has since become an obsession for many as no one has ever seen the pitch drop. The kids thought the story was unbelievable(once they missed it drop because they went out for a cup of tea). Our family is now obsessively checking the Pitch Drop webcam. Thought we’d share it with you all. Even if you think we are great big nerds for loving it ;)


Georgia, Daddy and a Grasshopper

by admin on September 9, 2011



by admin on August 11, 2011


Happy Birthday Daddy Doo-Doo

by admin on June 17, 2011

‘Happy Birthday Daddy Doo-Doo!!!’ Those were the first words out of Georgia’s mouth this morning. That’s her nickname for Bob. My nickname is mommy awesome, but this post isn’t about me…it’s about Daddy Doo-doo. It’s his birthday today. It’s also Father’s Day this weekend. And, for the first time in a couple of years, Bob is not going on his annual fishing trip so we get to spend his birthday with him.  There is a present(or two–some of them might be home made, but one of them is stuck in the mail thanks to the strike at Canada Post). There will be cake…and maybe sushi. And, at some point, Bob and I will dance in the kitchen to Blue Rodeo’s ‘Til I Gain Control Again’…which always makes me think of us.

Happy birthday Bob. We love you and all you bring to our family! Here’s to making the next year the best year yet ;)


4 Days Ago

by admin on May 18, 2011

In Lake Louise…a familiar site for the last 6 years. Georgia on Bob’s shoulders. I think this will be the last summer of it. ~sigh~



by admin on February 10, 2011

Pictures from a random day this fall. The light was so wonderful that I made everyone go for a walk in the sunset light. It is easy to sit inside on a cold winter’s day and miss this. Long for the sun. Especially for me. The sun inspires me. Sometimes I dream about days like this.

Just getting to edit some personal stuff and felt like sharing…

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by admin on January 19, 2011

This is Bob…or, as my photographer friends have begun calling him–twitterlessbob…making banana pancakes on a snowy winter day. With our kids. He is an incredible dad. It is shocking really when I think back to the moment I told him we were going to be parents and how many concerns he had. He questioned if he would be any good at it. I just knew he would which is why I insisted he marry me. ;) During his sabbatical(he had an 8 month leave from work recently so I could pursue my own career), so many other moms started telling me how lucky I was that I was worried he might get a swollen head.

I could minimize it and just say that it is because he is just naturally a BIG kid ;) But, the truth is…it’s his natural curiosity. He HAS to know about everything. He can sit and listen to someone rattle on about any topic as long as they are knowledgable enough to answer all of his questions(I guarantee there will be questions). Being passionate also helps–although, I am not sure he would admit it. Jack has inherited that curiosity and the two of them are so meant for each other. Georgia, too…she is starting to ask questions and he will find the answers if he doesn’t already know them.

So, he makes pancakes almost every weekend. Sometimes they are flat with chocolate chips, blueberries or bananas. Often they are rolled up–dripping in butter and sugar just like his grandma and his mom used to make. The kids expect it…

I am pretty gosh darn lucky.

Oh! I was supposed to introduce you to him–engineer, dad, friend, husband. Loves to snowboard, mountain bike and hike–although, we don’t find as much time to do these things as we would like to. Conservation–of heat, energy, gas, oil…pretty much anything is also super duper important to him. He can talk about that…if he ever decides to blog. That’s Bob.

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