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Jack Says

Book Worm

by admin on October 4, 2011

He has always surrounded himself with books. We have images of him literally asleep on a bed of books. I took the time to photograph his room recently. Untouched. The mess of real life. This image made me smile.

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Just a Day

by admin on September 19, 2011

Last night, Jack had trouble sleeping. He was upset at bedtime because he couldn’t find ‘Salmon’–a sock monkey he has had since he was a baby. I calmed him down by telling him that Salmon was what he used to call the boy who gave it to him. In fact, the boy’s name was Simon and he lives far away in Vancouver so we don’t see him very often. He seemed calm enough, but then he heard Bob come home and he felt he needed to talk to him. He realized yesterday that his life is just a day. That’s what he said…that things go by so fast that in the grand scheme of things his life is ‘just a day’. And, he wished he could stay a child forever. And, he wished his friends understood this and wanted to do the same things he wanted to do. Time was running out…one day he would die(I know that is an awful thing to say, but he did bring it up and we have always talked about death openly with our kids). How are we ever to get everything done?

Bob, being Bob, just listened to him and encouraged him to focus on the things he thought were most important. And, then he tucked Jack back into bed…and he slept. We sat up talking about it. It is all ‘just a day’…isn’t it? Wasn’t that the most amazing thing to say? He is coming to terms with his own mortality and for him to word it like that. It just hit me hard. How lucky am I to get to spend the middle of my day as his mom?


First Day of School in Pughville

by admin on September 7, 2011

He had to wear his t-shirt from Iceland. And, his converse. She couldn’t forget the card she made for her new teacher(who could quite impressively decipher what it said). This was the first year I was so ready for them to return to a schedule. Now that they have…I keep wondering what they are up to. Happy New Year everyone!

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Jack’s Video Game 9th Birthday

by admin on September 6, 2011

Video Games using our projector and screen. Pizza, chips and pop(first time I have EVER let it happen at a birthday party). Angry Birds cake. 9 year old boy heaven. ~sigh~ he’s 9.


My Kids and Shannon Sewell

by admin on August 25, 2011

My dear friend, Shannon Sewell, visited us a couple of weeks ago from Portland. She styled my kids and took some pretty fabulous pictures. Check them out on her blog

I took a couple of the action…

I always feel so lucky to have such talented friends to do things like this for me…



by admin on August 11, 2011


Day 12-Husavik and Akureyi

by admin on July 8, 2011

Today we went whale watching. Once we got on the boat,you were allowed to go downstairs. First we had to wait for everyone else to come before we went. Then, we got life jackets and blankets. Hey, wait a second, there is a whistle on the life jacket. I wonder what it does? Just kidding…blowing it means you went overboard and someone needs to save you. When we first went out, all we saw were some harbor porpoises jumping in the water. Once we got further out, we saw some puffins. Then, we saw a whale. Usually, people only get to see one whale on these things, but we saw something like five or six. The first group we saw was three humpback whales that put on a great show splashing around and showing their tail fluke and spraying out their spout. Then, they went for awhile and we just looked at puffins. Sometimes the humpbacks surprised us and came back. After the three humpback whales left, two or three Minke whales showed up. Minke whales can go very fast. They put on a good show, too. Hey got very close for a Minke whale as they don’t usually get that close. It was awesome! I can’t believe three hours went by so fast because then we had to get back to the harbor. While we were half way back, they gave out cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. That was awesome! We took so much pictures.
Next we went to the arts and craft store and everything there was made by locals. Lots of interesting stuff there. They painted rocks to look like things in their history like the Yule lads. That’s basically their father Christmas. Then, we went to the whale museum. I did want to go to the penis ,museum, but mom wouldn’t let me. They actually have one there. It’s one of the weirdest museums in the world. But, anyways, back to the whale museum. When we went in, we saw more than 5 real whale skeletons. There was also a short movie about Icelandic whaling.
Then we went to Akureyi. It’s the second largest city in Iceland.
Then mom and dad found a cool looking church in Blonduos. Right beside it was a grit park with a cool zip line. The zip line was awesome!
Thanks for reading my blog.
~Jack Pugh

PS: this was transcribed as Jack was too lazy to type this morning ;)

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Day 11-Lake Myvatn

by admin on July 7, 2011

Today we went to a black sand beach! It had a hole bunch of flys they were even getting up my nose! So we ran back to the car and shut the door really fast! Then we went to a power station and watched a short video about the power station and waited till dad stopped asking questions. Then we went to a collapsed volcano filled with water! There was even some snow on the inside of it. Then we went to see a 30 year old lava flow! You got to go up close to some volcanos! IT WAS COOL! There was lava rock everywhere! The inside of the lava rocks looked like the insides of a aero chocolate bar! Then we went to something that I can’t pronounce but it was basically a whole bunch of cool lava formations such as this big cave called the church! Inside there were four things that looked like two bunk beds. One of them looked like a crack of light, so I climbed on the side to find an entrance but I gave up because I was afraid I’d fall off. :( . Oh and I forgot to tell you the cave had two entrances. But on the second entrance there was a kid sized cave so I went in! :) . It was kind of like raiders of the lost ark. I couldn’t find the hole in the roof because I didn’t look hard enough! Wait a minute… A crack! I went in to find myself in the other side of the church on that bunk bed thing! We took some pictures and I got off. Then we went up a volcano again. We looked down it and we saw a peace sign and a heart drawn in the dirt. Wait a minute a peace sigh in a volcano?? We didn’t do much though we looked a bit then went. Thanks for reading my blog!
~Jack Pugh ;) .



Day 10-Dettifoss and Lake Myvatn

by admin on July 6, 2011

Today we went to Dettifoss ! Its the biggest waterfall in the country! It was huge and my mom freaked out because there were no fences! We didn’t do much at Dettifoss ( all we did is look at it.). Then we found a abandon house perched on top of a old lava flow. It turns out that you can sign a guest book and stay there a while. The house was abandoned before 1998 and it was in great shape! There was a barn too. It had puffballs! If you step on them they pop. They’re related to the mushroom. Then we went to the Namafjall hverir boiling pots of stuff that looks like mud. It stunk worse then rotten eggs the air around it even tasted like a bad smell! We took some pictures,looked at all of them and went. Then we found a big cave with vary hot water in it. Dad was the only one that went in because sometimes rocks fall in that’s why only dad went in. Things are looking good.

~Jack Pugh

PS-Georgia is doing great thanks for asking. I think on our next vacation, she will blog like this.


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Day 9-Husey

by admin on July 5, 2011

Today on our way to Husey we stopped at a swimming pool. Even though it was outside and it was cold outside we went in because it was heated. It had these awesome water-slides except for the red one. The red one is the little kid one. The yellow one had no roof but the blue one it went pitch black and you come speeding out! Unlike the first pool I talked about had a star field. When we got to Husey there was a lamb in front of the registration building. Then we got bundled up and went horse back riding. To make the horse go you press your feet against it’s stomach if you have someone riding in front of you your horse will follow it but if it gets sidetracked you tug on the right side of the rope to go right and tug on the left side of the rope to go left. To stop you make the right side shorter then tug on the right side of the rope faster then usual and whistle or say stop. Pat the horse on the side of the neck. Close to the end one of the guides tried to get off because the horse went speeding but her feet were caught in the stirrup and she fell off! The horse went into my horse and you know what happens when you spank a horse! I calmed it down quickly though. What a adventure!
~Jack Pugh ;)


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